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Best Friends at Work

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At Global Voices, we want to prioritise our employees’ mental health, helping them have a better work-life balance when returning to the offices – and research has demonstrated the positive impact dogs can have on employees. As we welcome more dogs into our offices, we cannot translate barking into our language just yet, but we can focus on creating a safer space to avoid tantrums. Puppy tantrums, that is.

Why not bring this positive environment into our offices?

Dog-friendly offices offer multiple benefits, as they make returning to work easier, promote engagement and happiness, and even nurture productivity.

Our trainers will work with you and your furry companion as needed to ensure a seamless and natural integration into the workplace.

We know how important your dog's well-being and health are at work. That's why we offer comprehensive training and integration programmes led by professional trainers with experience working with dogs. Our goal is to create a space for your dog to feel comfortable, have fun, and socialise with colleagues and other dogs. Our training programmes focus on encouraging positive interactions, teaching basic obedience skills, and facilitating a smooth transition into the office environment. We recognise that every dog is unique, so our trainers tailor their programmes to their individual needs. Whether you're building confidence, improving your social skills, or tackling a specific challenge, we're here to support you and your best friend. Join our team and experience the benefits of our pet policy programme. Improve your work-life balance and create lasting memories with your four-legged buddy. At Global Voices, we are committed to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace for both people and their beloved pets.

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Our Dogs. Not Actors*

The Bosses Boss

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Fluffy. Baby.

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Track Star.

HR Assistant

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Likes Back Scratches. Grumpy.

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Having dogs in the workplace can reduce stress levels and create a more relaxing work environment. This is an excellent idea for workplaces who can implement and bring teams not only together but support the welfare of their dogs while returning to work

Pamela Speirs, Human Resources Manager

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The Finance Team

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Smiler & Whiner.

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Loves Oscar.

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Loves belly scratches.

Brie at Global Voices



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Your buddy can come too!

Even your dog can find a sense of community and belonging at Global Voices.

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