Translation Services for NGO's

Translation Services for NGO's

Global Voices is committed to helping non-governmental organisations with a wide range of translation services.

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Translations for Non-Governmental Organisations

We know that there is no one-size-fits all approach when it comes to translation, especially when it involves charitable causes.

Each organisation needs a personal approach if you want the message to effectively reach your audience. That’s why at Global Voices we pride ourselves on our customer engagement. We take the time to understand your organisation and work with you, ensuring that your translated message is being heard.

All projects; great and small

Regardless of what you need translated, we can offer you a customised solution that works for you. Be it translating documents or interpreting at events, we have the tools and expertise to convey your message in a meaningful and impactful way.

Just a few of the formats we have translated for our NGO clients:

  • Legal Documents
  • Speech Transcripts
  • Interpreting live events (in person and remotely)
  • Email campaigns
  • Brochures

Quality Assured

From Human Rights and Health to Social and Environmental Sustainability, our translations are carried out by professional, native speaking linguists who are experienced in working with sensitive material and NGOs worldwide.

We also provide a dedicated Account Manager with every project to work with you at every step of the process.

Some of the organisations that have trusted us with their message include:

  • The Global Commission on Drug Policy
  • The International Service for Human Rights (ISHR)
  • The Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)
  • United Nations Environment Programme
  • UNDP (United Nations Development Programme)
  • UNIDIR (United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research)

Global Commission on Drug Policy (case study)

The Global Commission on Drug Policy is a panel comprising of former Heads of State and personalities from around the world. Its aim is to inspire a more responsible approach to drug policy globally by focusing on supporting drug users, rather than purely punishing them.

The Challenge

With only a few days’ notice, the client asked Global Voices to provide on-site simultaneous interpreters for an overseas conference based in London. With only four days to find two English to Russian interpreters, and two English to French interpreters, the client feared they were going to have to cancel the event.

The Solution

Using our extensive network of ISO 9001:2015 accredited linguists, Global Voices had no problem in providing high quality linguists at such short notice. We also were able to contact the venue and arrange the setting up of the interpreter booths and 40 headsets within a ‘historic room’. Equipment was safely set up and then removed while following the venues restrictions and timings.

The Result

The client was able to continue with their conference with world class translations for their audience because of Global Voices’ vast network of linguists and ability to work to tight schedules.

The International Service for Human Rights (case study)

The International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) is an organisation that is dedicated to protecting human rights across the world. They support human rights defenders, strengthen policies that help protect human rights, and lead coalitions championing human rights change.

Their work of over 30 years has helped protect some of the world’s most vulnerable people, developed cutting edge research, and made a positive impact on the world of human rights.

The Challenge

The ISHR came to Global Voices and requested a 60,000-word website translation (English to Spanish) from .csv files. Usually a project such as this would require 30 days minimum to complete, but the translation was needed within only 10 days.

The Solution

By utilising Global Voices’ vast network of experienced linguists and preparing the text to be processed as quickly as possible, we were able to assign enough translators to cover the man-hours needed to translate all 60,000 words within 10 days.

There was also enough time to adjust the translation, after some feedback from the client, to fully accommodate their translation preferences, which we recorded to ease future translations.

The Result

The client was able to publish their new website on time, and a long-lasting relationship was built between Global Voices and the ISHR. This gave the client access to high quality translations that are specifically customised to their translation preferences and can be produced swiftly and reliably.

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