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Global Voices is the trusted leader in conference interpreting, providing world-class language solutions for global events. Our highly qualified interpreters have deep expertise and linguistic skills to ensure smooth communication in multiple languages. By striving for excellence, we overcome language barriers and enable meaningful interactions between diverse participants. Whether at major conferences or professional industry events, Global Voices delivers accurate and differentiated interpretations, enabling audiences to fully engage and connect on a global scale.

Global Voices is at the forefront of conference interpreting, providing comprehensive language solutions that take global events to new heights. Hand-picked for their outstanding linguistic skills and expertise, our team of highly qualified interpreters brings expertise and cultural awareness to every assignment. Equipped with state-of-the-art interpretation technology, it enables smooth multilingual communication and ensures that the speaker's message reaches the hearts of audiences with different language backgrounds. From high-profile international conferences to corporate conferences and industry gatherings, Global Voices provides precise and nuanced interpretations that capture the essence of each speaker's words. Meticulous preparation and standards of quality and customer satisfaction make us stand out as a reliable partner in the field of conference interpreting. With Global Voices by your side, your event becomes a platform for diverse perspectives to come together, ideas to be shared, and meaningful connections to be made.

End to End Project Management

Are you organising a conference, trade show or exhibition? We understand how strenuous this can be. At Global Voices, we support your event from end to end with professionalism, expertise, and accuracy. Let us do the work.

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Customised Solutions

When it comes to organising conferences, trade fairs and exhibitions, the complexity can be overwhelming. At Global Voices, we recognise the challenges that come with it and offer customised solutions that ease these burdens. Our team has a deep understanding of the dynamics of the event and provides full support ensuring professionalism, expertise and unwavering precision throughout the process. We handle everything from detailed planning to smooth coordination, on-site management and post-event evaluation. We take care of the intricate details so you can focus on the big picture and deliver an unforgettable experience for your attendees.

Global Voices provides personalised solutions that meet your unique needs. Our experienced team works closely with you to understand your event objectives, audience and specific needs. From selection of expert interpreters to cutting-edge technology solutions, we ensure a customised approach to the success of your event, leaving a lasting impression on your attendees.

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Case Study BMW

To offer seamless support to BMWs most influential contacts and customers from across the globe, throughout a four week event in multiple locations, delivered in 14 languages.

The main event languages were English and German, with the core languages for translation being Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Hungarian, Korean and Turkish.

All interpreters required experience within the automotive engineering and automotive marketing field and needed an in-depth BMW product and brand knowledge.

The personnel selection had to offer premium quality, be familiar with different cultures and have strong interpersonal skills.

A flexible and cooperative approach was essential to cater for short notice changes and last minute client requirements. Being independent, confident, friendly, courteous, and well presented, with a solid work ethic, punctuality and reliability and the ability to work in a team, were all essential aspects of making this landmark event, a global success.

Global Voices ensured it exceeded its customer’s expectations in the following ways:

• Full flexibility was exercised when accommodating all the inevitable last minute changes, extra languages, extra days, overtime and additional events /// • Covered not only the main event, but also two additional side events that were added after the main event had commenced. /// • Managed three events running in parallel to each other, whilst upscaling on interpreter and Project Manager numbers swiftly and smoothly./// • Worked with three different event agencies, supporting by not only providing interpreters at short notice but also spotting gaps in organisation between three events and thus preventing timing and personnel location issues./// • Organised all logistics and accommodation of interpreters and Project Managers as the events were located across the island with up to 2 hours’ drive between venues. /// • Considerable financial savings offered by leveraging the use of the same interpreters across multiple events./// • Cost effective and time efficient language and event solutions were offered to all unexpected challenges./// • Experienced Project Management contributed to ensuring the smooth running of the events and the communication flow.

The BMW representatives and all three event agencies were delighted with the services received once again, and have confirmed further cooperation opportunities: 

“I have always found the cooperation with your team and the interpreters to be very professional and pleasant. I also enjoyed the exchange with the interpreters. Thank you for the great teamwork.”

“We are really happy working with Global Voices. You deliver work of high quality and go a mile further every day. Thank you for all your efforts.”

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