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Questions & Answers

What’s the difference between a translator and interpreter?

What's the difference between a translator and interpreter?

What’s the difference between a translator and an interpreter?

The difference between interpreting and translating is probably the biggest area of confusion in the industry. Many use the terms ‘translator’ and ‘interpreter’ interchangeably but, technically, this is incorrect. Let’s explore the differences.

What is a translator?

Translation is the process of transferring one language into another. A translator is someone who works with written words. Whether a Microsoft Word document, PDF, website or hand-written, the key is that the words are in textual form.

What is an interpreter?

Interpretation is the process of translating orally one language into another. An interpreter works with spoken words, whether through telephone interpreting or video interpreting, for example.

Do you need an interpreter or a translator?

Let’s put an example. You need to translate French to English. If you are visiting offices abroad, having a meeting over the phone or remotely, you will need a French interpreter. On the other hand, if you were sent documents that needed to be translated into English, a translator would be ideal for you.

We offer several types of translation services as well as interpretation services, all carried out by specialist linguists. Our translation services include written translation and transcreation services, such as proofreading and website translations, whilst our interpretation services include telephone interpretation, video interpretation, and face to face interpretation, such as consecutive and simultaneous interpretations.

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