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Find out how to apply for an internship at Global Voices. Learn about programme overviews, writing an impressive resume, application support, interview insights, and contact details for submitting your application. At Global Voices, we are committed to helping our clients grow and prosper in the field of translation and interpreting. Start your journey with us today!


Our internship opportunities offer innovative experience in the world of translation and interpreting. Get a comprehensive overview of our programmes including duration, benefits and specialisations. You’ll find yourself in a dynamic learning environment, developing your skills and working with experts to make a meaningful contribution to global communications. At Global Voices, we are committed to developing our talent and providing them with valuable hands-on experience that will shape their future careers. Join us on an exciting journey of growth and cultural exchange.

Preparing your CV

Your resume plays an important role in applying for an internship. Learn how to create an engaging resume that highlights your skills, education and relevant experience. Be tailored to the specific internship position you are applying for and highlight your language skills, academic performance and other qualifications that make you a good candidate. Find valuable tips on format, structure, and content to create an outstanding resume that will grab the attention of your hiring team. Your resume is an opportunity to demonstrate your passion, potential, and desire to contribute to Global Voices’ mission.

Supporting your application

In addition to your resume, we may request supporting materials to support your application. Learn what documents and samples to include to gain more insight into your skills. Whether it’s a cover letter, writing samples, or bibliography, we’ll show you how to effectively present these materials. Please present your language skills, previous translation or interpreting work, and any relevant projects or experiences that demonstrate your commitment and suitability for the internship. Let your application shine by providing a comprehensive overview of your talents and potential influence as part of the Global Voices team.


Interviews are an important step in the application process for internships. Find out what to expect in a Global Voices interview and how to prepare effectively. Our interview process is designed to assess your language skills, problem-solving skills and cultural awareness. Learn valuable tips on how to look confident, answer interview questions concisely, and express your passion for languages and global communication. We value your unique perspective and want to understand how you can contribute to our team. Be prepared to share examples of your work, your understanding of the industry, and your motivation for an internship at Global Voices.

Who to contact

Ready for the next step? We encourage you to contact our intern recruitment team. Our contact details and information on submitting an application can be found on our website. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We will support you throughout the application process and provide all other information you need. We are looking into an exciting internship opportunity at Global Voices and look forward to hearing from you!

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