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Our social responsibility programmes are designed to create positive change in our communities. Through a series of exciting events, we make meaningful contributions by supporting local initiatives, advocating for sustainability and empowering those in need. Join us in our mission to make a difference and build a better future together.

At Global Voices, we understand the importance of giving back and making a positive impact. Our social responsibility programme is therefore the cornerstone of our corporate philosophy. We are actively involved in our community through a variety of events and initiatives, including volunteering, fundraising, and promoting sustainable practises. We believe that by working together, we can create positive change far beyond our immediate reach. Join us on this journey to make a difference in the lives of others and contribute to a brighter and more inclusive world.

Coffee Morning

Macmillian Coffee Morning

This event was arranged by one of our Project Managers who wished to partake in the event to raise money by providing a coffee morning for all GV employees where we had a bake off and also tea and cakes for everyone.

We raised £365

Dog Walk

Bandeath Dog Shelter Walk

Bandeath Dog Shelter – As a dog friendly office, the dogs become part of the GV family. Sadly earlier this year Janet our Finance Manager lost her beloved Patsy! As a remembrance of Patsy we chose to make donations to the Bandeath Dog Shelter for dogs who are looking for loving homes.

We raised £442

Brave the Shave

Macmillian Cancer -
Brave the Shave

Our amazing cleaner Annie chose to shave all of her hair off for cancer! In supporting her as a business our team members got together to donate to her support her huge decision to do this.

She raised £1117

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“At Global Voices, our commitment to social responsibility goes beyond words. We believe in taking action and making a difference in the communities we serve. Through our work, we inspire positive change, empower individuals and create a brighter future for all."

Pamela Sawers, Human Resources Manager, Global Voices.

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Charity Walk

Diabetes UK -
Walk up the Dumyat

Charity walk, this charity was chosen as it is close to home for one of our team members suffers from diabetes and the challenges it brings. As a business we wanted to support a fantastic charity

We raised £540

Christmas Jumper Day

Save the Children -
Christmas Jumper Day

Join Global Voices for Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day to spread the Christmas cheer and make a positive impact. Support underprivileged children by wearing a festive sweater.

We raised £520

Empowering Employees to Drive Social Impact

At Global Voices, we believe that the power to effect change lies within each individual. Therefore, we encourage and support all employees to propose and organise social responsibility events. From volunteering to fundraising, we give team members a platform to show their passion and contribute to causes at home. By incorporating their ideas and leveraging our collective efforts, we scale our impact, create meaningful change, and leave a lasting positive impact on the world. Together, we are forces for good, driven by the belief that small actions can create ripple effects of change.

Ukraine fund

Ukraine fund

When the war broke out and Ukraine was in aid of our support. Global Voices raised cash and also provided £400 of goods such as sleeping bags, ground mats, first aid kits and toiletries which were taken over by the Salvation army.

We raised £400

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