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Connect People. Remove Barriers. Enhance Value and Create Opportunities.

Global Voices’ mission is simple yet powerful. connect people. Remove barriers. Add value and create opportunities. We strive to foster global connectivity by breaking down language barriers and enabling effective communication. Through our service excellence, we enhance the value of interactions and enable individuals and businesses to seize new opportunities. Join us in this mission to connect people, break down borders and open up a world of opportunity. Let’s build bridges together to build a more connected, more inclusive global community.

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At Global Voices, we believe in the transformative power of communication. Our goal is to connect the world, break down barriers, and advance understanding. Together let's create a global community that thrives on knowledge sharing and cultural exchange

Luigi Koechlin - CEO
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Connecting the World

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Global Voices' vision is to create a world where language is no longer a barrier. We believe in the power of communication to break down boundaries and bring people closer together.

We strive to connect individuals, businesses and communities around the world through superior translation and interpretation services. Join us in our mission to connect cultures, promote understanding, and build a more connected, more inclusive world.

Let's connect the world together!





We dreaming about the future

We envision a future without language barriers. Our goal is to create a world where communication transcends boundaries and fosters understanding and cooperation. Through our superior translation and interpretation services, we connect individuals, businesses and communities to enable their success in global markets. We dream of a future where diverse voices are heard, cultural exchanges are celebrated, and languages ​​are bridges rather than barriers. Join us on this transformational journey that paves the way for a more connected and more inclusive world. Together, let's make dreams come true and shape a future where communication is limitless.

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