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PPC Research for <br>International Campaigns

PPC Research for
International Campaigns

Global Voices can provide your business with exceptional multilingual PPC research, allowing you to make the most of your advertising budget in any international territory and dramatically improve your brand’s online visibility overseas.

What Is Multilingual PPC Research?

A PPC campaign is a form of search engine advertising, that places custom listings on search engine results pages. These paid listings appear at the top of a results page and, when clicked, the brand is charged a fee by the search engine. The aim of a PPC campaign, multilingual or otherwise, is that your prioritised visibility on search engine results pages will lead to a greater number of conversions.

Our multilingual PPC services can extend your basic paid search advertising into other territories through a number of methods. Global Voices can conduct research on your behalf to identify the best keywords to rank in other languages and other countries. Multilingual PPC research is also best conducted as part of a wider multilingual SEO campaign, ensuring that your translated website matches up with the alternative keywords your PPC advertising promotes.

PPC does not just extend to targeting keywords either. The entirety of your advertising copy—roughly 300 characters, as well as the title—needs to be interpreted in a way that best serves your international customer base. As with other transcreation jobs, a literal translation is less important than getting a solid understanding of your customers in other parts of the world, and how best to help them find your website and products.

Do I need Multilingual PPC Research?

If your brand is already engaging a PPC campaign, and making plans for significant overseas expansion, then a multilingual PPC campaign is a logical way to maximise your investment.

Particularly if your existing campaign is already driving significant traffic and conversion to your site, our multilingual PPC services can help you maintain that within international markets. The research we conduct to find the appropriate keywords and advertising copy will bring your brand to a whole new audience, and make your website one of the first things users see when searching for your services.

International customers will also be using search engines beyond just Google, which not only prioritise sites in languages other than English, but have different guidelines and criteria. Multilingual PPC is best used in tandem with a solid international SEO campaign and comprehensive website localisation, which will not only translate your website’s text into the language of your target audience, but ensure that the graphics and layout are expanded and adapted to match.

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