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Audio Visual Translation

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Translation of Video Content

Global Voices provides a full audio visual translation service, perfect for bringing your video content to a global audience.

We can turn your monolingual video into an international success. With more companies than ever catering to global audiences, audio visual translation services have never been so important. Our expert team of professional translators can ensure any video content is adapted to suit your target audience without losing any of its original charm or intent.

Audio visual translation is a complex process with several elements to consider. Our translators will render your script into another language, carefully preserving the original meaning. Part of the translation process will involve localisation — the act of ensuring cultural nuances are carried over. This is often a sensitive area, and it requires linguists with native-level knowledge. On top of this, there are matters of dubbing and subtitling.

With the amount of investment your business has already put into its videos, it’s only right that you engage a professional translation firm to help them reach as wide an audience as possible. Our experienced audio visual team will ensure your international viewers will experience the same high-quality content no matter which language they speak.

Translations in 150 Languages

Here at Global Voices, we have a pool of over 9000 linguists who work in more than 150 languages. Some of the most popular languages we translate are listed below:

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