Financial Translation

Financial Translation

Our financial translation services ensure exceptional translations of your documents, audits and agreements. From tax reports to equity research, you can rely on us to take care of all your financial translation needs.

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Financial Translators With Extensive Industry Experience

Finance is an inherently international industry, money makes the world go round after all. It’s therefore imperative for financial institutions to make inroads into the global market, communicating effectively across borders and reaching audiences in their native languages. This is where we step in. Global Voices has a network of specialist financial translators with a comprehensive knowledge of the different sectors within the industry. This enables us to work on a huge variety of projects and deliver outstanding financial translations without fail.

Our team of financial translators is made up of sector specialists—each member is a professional linguist with extensive experience in finance. As a result, all of our translators have a profound understanding of the relevant financial terminology and know how to impeccably translate financial documents.


Translating Financial Documents

Here at Global Voices, we specialise in translation services for the financial sector, meaning we can provide translation in an array of specific and highly-technical areas.

We offer the following for companies in the financial sector:

  • A team of financial experts: Our specialised team of translators, writers and proofreaders are experts in the financial sector, ensuring the quality and accuracy of our service. In addition, we provide dedicated project and account managers for all clients.
  • A huge variety of financial translation services: From tax and audit reports to equity research and disclosure agreement translations, our services cover a wide scope of financial documents.
  • A glossary of financial terms for guaranteed accuracy: We understand that finance can often be a language in itself. Consequently, we will work closely with you to compile glossaries of terms specific to you and your industry. This helps to guarantee the accuracy and consistency of our translations.


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Financial Translation Process

Conducting a financial translation can be a highly complex and challenging task, which is why we only use linguists with at least five years’ experience translating in the sector. Consequently, they are guaranteed to have specialist industry insight and substantial experience.

Here at Global Voices, we realise just how important accurate translation is, considering the potential ramifications if content isn’t translated properly. This is why measures like cherry-picking our translators and compiling a glossary of financial terms are so fundamental to our services. These moves ensure that mistranslation will never be an issue.

We also realise the sheer variety of financial institutions out there. However, with our extensive network of experienced translators, you can be sure that we will find a linguist that is suited to your company and project.

As the terminology and language used in the financial industry can be exceedingly complicated, we also use state-of-the-art memory software during the translation process. This is highly advantageous in that it allows us to translate content quicker and reduce your costs. It can often be the case that businesses needing multiple translations end up paying out for what are essentially repeat translations. The memory program removes this possibility by memorising translations, enabling us to pre-translate particular documents.


What is financial translation?

Finance translation involves the conversion of financial documents, statements, reports and audits from one language to another. This is usually conducted by a translator with specialist expertise in both languages as well as comprehensive experience within the financial field.

How do changes in financial terminology affect financial translations?

Many countries have financial terms unique to their language. Some countries have also not updated their financial dictionaries, making it difficult for financial translators to find equivalent terms. For example, there are instances where financial terminology that is commonplace in English does not have an equivalent term in Russian. In scenarios like these, the translator must draw a phrase or word from their own experience to try and convey the meaning of the terminology.

Can third-party software be used to complete financial translations?

Automatic translation software like Google Translate is improving, but it does not provide the accuracy that a human translator with specialist financial expertise can provide. Furthermore, as discussed above, there are many financial phrases and terminologies that do not have equivalent terms in other languages. A financial translator would be able to draw upon their experience to convey the meaning of the terminology in such instances, whereas automatic translation software could not.

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