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Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Accurate transcriptions provided by expert translators, for any language around the world.

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Transcription Services

At Global Voices, we strive to provide clients with the highest quality transcriptions. Our expert transcribers can quickly and easily transcribe any audio or video file, providing accurate translations in your language of choice.

Similar to interpretation, transcriptions are completed based on a conversation as opposed to a written document. However, transcription is not completed in real time. Instead, an audio or video file is transcribed into a written document, and then translated into the target language. By paying close attention to detail, we are able to offer high quality and accurate translations for all transcriptions, localised to your specific language needs.

We work with companies of all sizes, offering the most accurate transcriptions from experienced and qualified linguists. We also offer transcription services for specialist subjects, such as medical or legal issues, allowing us to work across a variety of industries. Our linguists have background knowledge in these specialist subjects, ensuring that the translated documents have the relevant key terms appropriately translated to the target language.

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