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Remote Video Interpretation

Remote Video Interpretation

Virtual conferences made accessible for an international audience

Video interpretation services: using the latest technology to facilitate virtual conferences worldwide.

What Is Video Interpreting?

Our Remote Video Interpreting service brings our trained and accredited interpreters to you in a cost-efficient and easily accessible way.  

With no need to make travel arrangements and interpreters available at short notice, video interpretation is one of the most flexible and convenient ways to provide high quality translations in real time. We cater to any size event, offering multiple interpreters to cover large multilingual virtual events or individual interpreters to facilitate dialogues or small group discussions across various languages.

Benefits of Video Interpreting

Video interpreting is ideally suited for the new wave of virtual conferences and events taking place due to the restrictions in travel. Our experienced interpreters are still available to remotely translate opening speeches, presentations from your board members, and demos provided by your product marketing team live to your international attendees. We also offer the option to pre-record translated scripts or provide translated documents in advance to your audience. 

All our video interpreters are fully accredited and experienced linguists, so the service you receive is guaranteed to be up to Global Voices’ high standards.  

Our Quality

At Global Voices, we are dedicated to providing businesses with the most dependable interpretation services available. With a team of hundreds working around the world in over 140 languages, we can help your business be understood, wherever you are.

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